For those who listen to the Ethan and Lou show you already know what a big Seinfeld fan I am. One of my favorite past times is jumping on the ole' interweb and playing Seinfeld trivia. I've got ten here for you that any good Seinfeld fan should know. The answer key is at the bottom of the page.

1 - Who did George's parents want him to be more like growing up?

2 - George once converted his religion for a woman from Jewish to what?

3 - Kramer once got a corporate job by just showing up and pretending to work there. What company was Kramer "fake' working for?

4 - After Kramer destroys George's computers in the "Serenity Now" episode George is screaming at Kramer. What does Kramer say in response?

5 - What is the name of Frank Costanza's "move?"

6 - After finding out her date Jake Jarmel was in an accident, what movie theater snack does Elaine purchase for going to check on him?

7 - What morning talk show does Kramer go on to promote his coffee table book about coffee tables?

8 - Who gives Elaine a clean urine sample for a drug test she is certain she will fail after eating food with poppy seeds?

9 - What is "Bizzaro" Kramer's name?

10 - Where is the Seinfeld crew vacationing with friends when George gets "shrinkage?"



Answer key - 1) Lloyd Braun 2) Latvian Orthodox 3 ) Brant-Leeland 4) "George, you listen to me. I owe ya one." 5) Stopping short 6) Jujy Fruits 7) Regis & Kathy Lee 8) Mrs. Seinfeld 9) Feldman 10) The Hamptons

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