Bryce Harper's future is in question. Where will he play next year? Here is what he had to say yesterday.

After his last game in Washington for the season his hometown reporters are certainly going to zone right in and see if they can learn whether it will be his last game as a National. One reporter decided to play it cool and ease in with a "how do you feel?" Bryce hits em back with "Good um, definitely, don't really like the rain right now."

Classic deflection, whenever someone wants to end a conversation the "go to" is the weather. Then he realizes mid sentence that this "rain" comment will not hold the levee from breaking and goes with "you never really know."

Well I know, the chances of Bryce Harper being a Washington National are slim next year. The dude is attracted to glamour and D.C. can't provide it. He also, likely wants to win and the Nationals seem to have a problem with that despite the fact they share a division with the Mets and Marlins.

Then there is the question of money. The speculative numbers that have been thrown around in terms of the next Bryce Harper contract are ridiculous. Some of the estimates by baseball people go as high as $400 Million.

The teams that have been rumored to be in the running other than his current team are:

  • Yankees (I'm a Yankee fan, I don't want him)
  • Red Sox
  • Dodgers
  • Cubs
  • Phillies
  • Giants
  • Angels

I have no idea where he will land so I am going to guess and say the Dodgers let Machado go somewhere else and put all their eggs in the Harper basket.

P.S. - "How do you feel?" "How have you grown?" These are some of the hard hitting questions that were asked right after the final home game for the Nationals star right before free agency. This is proof that interviewing is hard. Hell, I know it is. The fans want more though.

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