This morning, my wife sent me three pictures of rings. She asked which I liked best, I answered, and then asked why she is getting a ring.

I come to find out, these rings are made from breast milk. They take your breast milk, preserve it in a stone and set the stone on a ring.


Breast milk is not the only material they can put on a ring for you. They will do it with human hair, ashes (AKA human remains) and even a placenta. That's right, you too could walk around with a placenta on your finger.

The company is called Precious Relics, and their jewelry looks cool to me, it's just the contents of the jewelry that are head-scratching. My wife Erica is deliciously weird, so the fact that she likes this comes as no surprise to me, but it's just not something I would personally wear.

Things like this are the beginning. This is how it starts. It's the tip of the iceberg, and once this catches on, things get really interesting from there. Before you know it, placenta pants are the hottest thing in fashion.

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