"Miss Bum Bum" is the Super Bowl of booty competitions throughout the word and one recent contestant is on the losing side of the competition, several times over. Not only did Brazilian doctor Rayane Laura Souza compete in the competition, she lost to Suzy Cortez and now can no longer find work in the medical field in her country.

According to the Daily Star, Rayane Laura Souza ignored her families objections and took time off of work to wiggle her "backyard" in a thong, dreaming of fame and prizes last year. Souza told the Daily Star:

The fact of being a woman and beautiful always has prejudice. I love to show my sensuality on my social network, but that does not mean that I am not a great professional inside the hospital. There will always be prejudice, I can be a good doctor and be sensual, I see no problem with that.

She has not practiced medicine since the competition.

I'm outraged! I am mortified and stupefied! We are in the grips of a global pandemic, the thing the world needs now, more than anything is an abundance of good doctors and we have one ready to work that has been sidelined because she had the gall to dance in her underwear?

The next time you go to the emergency room, with a bloody butter knife sticking out of your head and sit there, waiting in line for four hours, I want you to ask where in the hell is Rayane Laura Souza?

DJ Roomba, drop that beat!

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