I realize people make mistakes, and to forgive is divine, but I also hope this young woman really atones for her awful behavior.

I'm not a prankster, but I can appreciate a good one for sure. What this Connecticut student did to her roommate was certainly neither. Here's the story from Nov. 2017:

Now, according to the Hartford Couranthere's the outcome of the court proceedings in regards to the actions of former University of Hartford student, Brianna Brochu, who was accused of the heinous act of defiling her roommate's belongings with bodily fluids.

Brochu is getting special probation and the charges against her will be erased from her record if she completes the probation period. In addition to staying out of trouble, Brochu must complete 200 hours of community service.

Also in court yesterday was Brochu's former roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe, who told the judge that she did not oppose Brochu’s request for accelerated rehabilitation. Rowe told courant.com

By giving her this second chance, I hope she will change her ways and finds love for all mankind no matter what race

As the judge pointed out, the internet has a long memory, and the account of the actions posted by Brochu herself will follow her around for a very long time. A very hard lesson to learn over having personality clashes.

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