Connecticut has, literally, thousands of laws on the books — some wackier than others — and many are no longer being enforced.

From time to time on our Morning Show, I like to talk about some of the strange, crazy laws. Now, like I mentioned, most of these haven't been enforced for years, and I can't imagine anyone ever getting in trouble for breaking one of these laws, but years ago, when they were first introduced there must have been a reason.

I found a list of some of these laws, and thought we should let you know about them because you may actually be breaking the law and not even know it. Here are five of the craziest I could find:

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    It is ILLEGAL for a married couple to KISS in public on Sundays!

    Come on now, love birds, give it a break. Sunday is a day of rest.


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    Politicians are not allowed to campaign at a TOWN DUMP!

    Isn't this an oxymoron? It actually may be a good law, because I wouldn't want to attend a rally at a landfill.

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    In certain Connecticut towns, you can't walk backwards after sunset.

    This law was probably a preemptive strike, because walking backwards when it's dark out can be dangerous.

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    It is illegal to dress like a clown with the intent to cause alarm.

    Remember when Police made this announcement last year, following the scary clown epidemic that swept the nation? Can you say, IT?

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    In order for a pickle to OFFICIALLY be considered a pickle, it MUST bounce.

    I don't know about you, but I'm not taking any chances. There's no way I'm eating a pickle unless I see it bounce first.