We've really been getting pounded with big snowstorms this month, one right after the other, and it looks like we're not out of the woods yet.

Meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin, says there's still more to come, and he explains it all. If you're anxiously awaiting Spring, you may just have to wait a few more weeks. If you haven't had enough winter yet, though, it looks like there's plenty more on the way this month.

After two Nor'Easters already wreaked havoc with high winds and heavy snow, there's another storm moving into the area Monday night into Tuesday and could dump as much as 6-8 more inches of snow on us.

Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin in the Connecticut Weather Center says we're in a very active weather pattern:

We're looking for this next storm to start after midnight Monday and continue for most of the day on Tuesday. Look for the system to produce heavy snow towards morning, with the heaviest snow falling right during the morning commute. It should all tapper off and end by late on Tuesday.

But that's not all. According to Bill, with the current weather pattern, these storms may be ongoing all month:

There's more on the way this month. The jet stream is on a 6-week weather pattern. Everyone loved the 70 degree temperatures in February, but now the bill came in and we've got to pay for it.

After this storm, next week and the week after there will be more of the same, however each will be a little different. But we have to keep watching out for the next couple of weeks. I think at least two more Nor'Easters. Next one may not be as bad, but the one after that may be stronger. This pattern may continue during the spring, just with the warming transition we'll see rain instead of snow.

So, for those of you who keep saying, "Oh, this will be our last storm of the winter," don't count on it. We may be in for a long haul as we wait for spring to finally arrive.

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