Do you consider New England Coyote Country? Coyotes only live in the desert, and chase roadrunners, right? Wrong. Coyotes are right here, all over Connecticut, and if you're not careful, they've been known to attack.

In the first six months of 2024, there have been a handful of coyote attacks reported in Westport, Southbury, and Portland. Head's up Brookfield, don't be next.

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If you've been enjoying yourself outside at Williams Park in Brookfield during this beautiful stretch of weather, Brookfield Parks & Recreation wants you to be aware that there's been a recent report of an aggressive coyote lurking inside the park. Williams Park is located on Rt. 25/Whisconier Road, right across the street from the Brookfield Library.

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According to, coyotes were first documented in Connecticut during the 1950's, and as of today are common everywhere. Coyotes are opportunistic, and very adaptable to survive among heavily-populated areas. Their diet typically consists of common animals that we see every day - squirrels, mice, rabbits, turkeys, and even deer. Coyotes will also prey on you, your livestock, and your household pets if presented the opportunity. That being said, and Brookfield Parks and Recreation have a few tips for you should you encounter a coyote in the wild.

  • Do not let your pet outside unsupervised, or without a leash.
  • Install coyote-proof fencing to protect your livestock
  • Never feed coyotes
  • Attempt to frighten them away, make loud noises, aggressively wave your arms
  • Inform your neighbors of the threat in the surrounding area

If you do see the reported coyote in Brookfield's Williams Park, email park& Otherwise call your local animal control division, or the CT DEEP Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011

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