We all know bear sightings have become a common occurrence in the area, but what this one bear did to a Connecticut family takes sightings to a whole new level.

Every week, we're reading about a bear sighting somewhere, and just about all of the bears are spotted in someone's yard or in an open field, but not this time. Check out what this one bear, whose sights were set on more than just garbage picking, did to a family in Connecticut.

According to newstimes.com, Police in Barkhamsted say that last Thursday, a bear actually strolled right into a home, proceeded to walk past the homeowners and a small child, and then started to help himself to food that was in the kitchen. He didn't stop there. He also grabbed some food in the refrigerator, and then topped off this impromptu meal with food from the pantry and counter tops. When he had his fill, he left the premises just as state troopers arrived.

Connecticut State Police did pursue the "dinner crasher", but lost sight of the bear in the neighborhood. Police also reported that the animal was not tagged, so it was just a wild bear with a big appetite. Environmental Conservation Police were also on the case and did spot a bear in the area, but they could not say if it was the same bear that was involved in the home invasion.

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