According to the NY Daily News a N.Y. State employee named Susan Peirez has been suspended from her job after video of her altercation with a flight attendant surfaced. Let's speed this up, baby cries, this Susan woman argues with the flight attendant about being seated next to "said" baby, she then threatens the employment of the flight attendant. Now she is suspended with her job in question. Let's go to the video tape!

So, we have a lady who wants to throw her weight around on a flight, a crying baby, and a flight attendant just trying to make a bunch of strangers happy all at once.

Personally, I think the mom of the baby and the baby are at no fault. Babies exist, babies cry, and parents typically travel with their kids. It sucks, but it's the world. The flight attendant seems to be doing her best, but the video is short. Just based on the evidence I have in front of me, she is at NO fault.

Now onto this Susan Peirez lady. She does not want to sit next to a crying baby, can't blame her but someone has to. Your ticket seems to be the "short straw." She's threatening the flight attendants employment because she has delusions of grandeur. Not cool but not a first.

I'm going to say this Susan Peirez lady gets most of the fault. Now, does this mean she should get suspended from her job? I don't know. I don't think so. People HAVE bad days. We are all entitled to a bad day. Should you be punished at work or maybe lose your job over something you did away from the office that is not criminal? I have a tough time with that one.

My takeaway - Air travel is the single worst thing we do in life that we pay money to do. Sucks in a 360 degree fashion.  

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