Antonio Cromartie, for those who don't know, was an NFL football player who played for the Jets and Chargers, among others. I guess he has not retired yet, but is a free agent — whatever. That's not the "BIG NEWS."

Cromartie talked to a USA Today website called "For The Win" recently about having three kids AFTER a vasectomy. He was out promoting his reality show The Cromarties on the USA Network.

Now let's back this thing up. No one told me about any of this? Don't people know that Antonio Cromartie is one of my all time favorite comedians? He is responsible for one of the greatest laughs that has ever come out of my body, EVER.

That video clip was from the HBO series Hard Knocks a bunch of years ago when "Cro" was a member of the Jets. Now I have seen this video hundreds of times. I still had to get a pen and paper to keep up with the action. According to the words he said in that clip, at that time these were his children:

  • Alonzo - 5-years-old
  • Carousel - 3-years-old
  • My Journey - 3-years-old
  • My Daughter - 3-years-old
  • Tyler - 3-years-old
  • London - Infant
  • Lelani - 2-years-old
  • Jersey - Newborn

That's eight kids he could remember, four of which are the same age, one of which is named "my daughter" or he just does not remember. I laughed the first time I watched it and laughed again just now as if I had never seen it before.

Antonio's new show on USA is all about being a father of 14 kids, three of which were born after he got a vasectomy. That's astonishing. There is, from what I am told, a 1% chance of producing a baby after a vasectomy and BAM, he makes three of them.

After watching the clip, I'm a new fan of the show. I have four kids and it's BANANA-LAND. I'll be more than interested in seeing what it's like caring for four plus 10.

Now just to clear up any confusion, his wife says eight kids, but he has six others with other ladies. Wild times. I wouldn't remember names either. I'd be yelling, "HEY YOU" all day.

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