We've been talking about permanent Daylight Savings Time for decades, and yet here it is, time to Spring forward yet again. I really thought that 2023 was going to be the year, the movement picked up National supporters, but no, get ready for another bout of seasonal malaise Connecticut.

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According to Forbes.com, more than two dozen US states have legislation in the works for a permanent switch to Daylight Savings Time, including quite a few of our neighbors, but not Connecticut. New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Maine all have something in the works to put an end to Spring forward, Fall back for good. Oregon? Where everything seems to be legal? The Oregon Senate just voted this past Monday to end this scourge for good.

It might not be as easy as I imagine it is, according to sleepfoundation.org, Federal law still prohibits US states from enacting permanent Daylight Savings Time, so there has not been a significant change in any US state since 2022. Do you remember Senator  Marco Rubio's Sunshine Protection Act? Which would eliminate Daylight Savings all-together? It's stalled in the House of Representatives, and has yet to be presented to Congress in 2024, so far.

Although public sentiment seems to favor abolishing the twice-yearly clock changes that we're being forced to endure for yet another year, every attempt at change seems to die before it gets anywhere. I can tell you that today, March 8, 2024 was the first time that there was any hint of sunlight on the Eastern horizon as I arrived at work for 5:15AM. Monday? I'm going back into darkness for at least a few weeks.

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