Imagine walking along minding your own business when a hawk comes out of nowhere diving for your face!

Two people in Bridgeport were victims of an agitated hawk attack this past Tuesday according to The first attack happened around 9 am when a red-tailed hawk dove at the head of an auto parts driver causing painful lacerations.

A short time later another man was attacked and suffered lacerations to his leg. Both men were taken to the hospital. Experts say that hawks might attack humans when they feel their nest is being threatened. They also get pissed off at drones as evidenced by this video.

The dive-bombing red-tailed hawk was finally captured and taken to an avian rehabilitation facility where they think it might be suffering from a neurological disorder possibly West Nile Virus.

How can you avoid a red-tailed hawk attack? Believe it or not stay vigilant by looking up into the sky every now and then. Hawks seem to dive bomb humans only when their backs are turned.

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