I'm a guy that loves shenanigans and a bit of Tom Foolery. Ethan, well, not so much.

He would much prefer that when the show was over, we would go our separate ways, and he could decompress from his time with me all morning. It rarely goes that way, and this video gives you a rare glimpse into the behind the scenes fun:

In all seriousness, I apologized to Ethan like five times after hitting him. I did not "pull" that one. That had the right motion, height, velocity and fluid arm movement to make for an epic bald head slap.

Then, when I knocked the cup out of his hands, it disrupted the whole flow of the office. These people (the suits) are not used to real fun and fun swearing. At least they were able to recognize that fun was happening. They came running from miles away like "walkers" that heard a gun shot. (Walking Dead reference)

The looks on their faces were priceless. They looked like the shy kid at the basketball court who wants "next" but did not bring a ball.

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