Hey, what's that? Oh nothing, just a diddle toy on the garbage at the Danbury 7/11. Nothing to see here, just 2020 doing 2020 things. This is not great news because unless the owner of the toy comes back, I don't know who is going to volunteer to get rid of it. That unit could be sitting there until the end of time.

The upshot is that, if you are a 7/11 rewards member, "Big Gulps" are just 49 cents. Try getting a deal like that anywhere else in the world, I dare you. A giant diabetes inducing beverage for less than 50 cents and all the free rubber penises you can pull off the top of the garbage cans.

This is value, this is savings, this is America in 2020.

Am I proud of myself? Not necessarily, but I'm not ashamed to be the one to share this with you, this is a layup for me and could make my month. Whoever put it there, seek help. You are gross. But also, thank you because this was the easiest thing I've had to do all year at work.

I'd like to thank my sister, Renee, also, she's the one who took the photo and sent it to me with the caption, "breakfast and a show at 7/11 today." HAHA, comedic brilliance runs in the family.

If any of our readers, or the Ethan and Lou Show listeners want to volunteer to dispose of this unit properly, I will offer a bounty. Get rid of it forever and I will give you an I-95 "Townie Tuesday" t-shirt and a free rotisserie sized chicken coated in Szechuan sauce and prepared by me.

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