It's a mural, not graffiti, and the Alice in Wonderland mural on Greenwood Ave. in Bethel is really a truly beautiful piece.

I had to see this for myself. I jumped in the car with the camera crew and interviewed the artist in front of his creation. Not surprisingly, things took a weird turn. Regrettable things were said, laughs were had, and away we go. Watch:

All joking aside, Peter Lefloch is an amazing artist and what he is creating really deserves a look. The next time you are in Bethel, make sure you stop at the Bethel Printing & Graphics/Redding Roasters building and give it a look. You will not regret it.

It's nice to see real art. I mean, people call everything art these days, and 90% of what is referred to as art is pure garbage. We should elevate, respect, and appreciate the people that enrich our lives with their amazing talent. So, to that, I say, thank you, Peter. Also, how's your sister?

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