Check out these really cool videos from the Danbury State Fair back in the day. The one from the 1970s is cool, but disturbing in some ways. First of all, you can see how our treatment of animals and their welfare at events like fairs and circuses has changed:

I loved Seeing the 1950s and 1970s clothes and hairstyles. In the video from the early 1970s, it is sad to think that while people were enjoying themselves here in Danbury at the fair, there was a lot to worry about. The Vietnam War was underway and the military draft was in effect. Those were some tough times for Americans, as they were very much divided.

Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack is in the video looking down on all the fair goers as he always had over the years. The fair took place at the Danbury Fairgrounds, (where the mall is now) from 1869 to 1981.

In these videos you see stock cars, but before the stock cars there was actually horse racing and lots of gambling. I love that you could buy a meatball grinder for 75 cents in 1971! The fair food looks amazing and to that end, I guess some things never change.

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