A Connecticut family on a fishing trip in the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale, Fl came to the rescue of passengers on a burning boat recently.

According to Fox 61Kate Barriger and her family of Wallingford served as good Samaritans when they and others aboard a fishing expedition saw a burning vessel and acted quickly.

The distressed vessel was about a mile away, and as the Connecticut family took action from the deck of their 45 foot charter boat, the vacationers helped rescue all six of the passengers on board the boat that was on fire. The boat ended up completely sinking in the waters off of the Fort Lauderdale coast. The fire started in the engine room and spread to the entire boat in short order.

The captain of the boat the Barrigers were on said that a passenger almost went overboard going from one boat to the other. Thankfully everyone was ok following the incident. Here's some video footage:

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