We have all heard stories of babies who refuse to wait for mom and dad to actually get to the hospital. Well, it happened again right here in Connecticut.

This story has an amazing ending, which is actually a beginning. The beginning of a new life. The beginning of a family.

Watching 911 Dispatcher, Stacie Rosedale, meet the family that she helped through the actual birth, ok, I will admit, I got teary. Here's the story:

WFSB.com reports that last month, Livie St. Marin drove his 9-months-pregnant girlfriend, Tanya Mathena, to Manchester hospital. She was not in active labor at the time and was sent home. Five hours later, St. Martin called 911 and 15 minutes later, with coaching by dispatcher, Stacie Rosedale, 7-pound, 11-ounce Kaylessie was born on the bathroom floor of the couple's East Hartford apartment.

Rosedale was commended and also met little Kaylessie on Wednesday. Watch how the dispatchers maternal instincts kick-in as she subconsciously rocks the baby. Welcome to the world, Kaylessie! Congratulations to mom, dad and new auntie Stacie. Here's the video from WFSB:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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