We started talking this morning about general things people do that annoy us and it turned into a phone topic. People had long lists of things they would like people to stop doing and saying. I mixed those listener suggestions with some of mine.

I'll say again, if you read these and do not laugh at one of them, you do a lot of annoying things. These are the 6 examples Ethan, I and the listeners came up with:

6 - Career specific sayings - We had a cop call us and say anywhere he goes when in uniform people say "I didn't do it." So clever, except he's heard it 30 million times. We all have something related to our jobs we don't want to hear anymore. That was his. Mine is "Careful what you say in front of this guy, he will put it on the radio."

5 - The "I Care About Planet Earth" reminder - Stop forcing the word "sustainable" into conversation. Whether it's "sustainable food sources" or "sustainable energy" you can stop now. We get it, you are green, you are progressive, you care. If you do not work in a related field and you say the word "sustainable" more than 5 times a year, you are a problem.

4 - Unsolicited advice - If you say "you know what you need to do" when no one asked you are one of the worst people in the world.

3 - Constant outrage - If you are constantly outraged, stop it. You have become white noise. You can't be outraged about everything and expect people to EVER actually listen to you.

2 - The greeting response that sets you apart - I ask you how you are doing out of obligation and you respond with "livin' the dream" or "I'm on the right side of the dirt." It's important that we actually stop this. The only thing worse is actually telling people how you are doing. This is a societal obligation to ask how someone is doing and it should be treated that way. Please just tell me you are good even if you are not.

1 - The Cure all statement - "It is what it is" - If someone complains about the weather and you say it, no big deal. No one can control the weather and it is what it is. However, this gets thrown around in many situations where the person saying it has FULL control over changing it. It's not what it is, fix it.

There you go, that is what people would like you to stop. Feel free to ignore them, get outraged and say it is what it is.

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