After hearing about the third cat in the area that got out of their house, I thought I would try to get the word out to help.

In Bethel, it almost seems as though the whole town is trying to bring Jake Griek back home. A Bethel, CT Forum Facebook page has lit up like a Christmas tree with concerned postings about our furry little orange neighbor. Jake got out of the house on Sunday morning (July 1) and his family is frantic.

All week, there have been several sightings of Jake but he has not been brought home yet. He is hanging out in the Plumtrees Heights Condominium Complex, specifically near Deer Run and Huntigton Court. With the rain in the area, he may be taking cover somewhere.

Jake is a friendly boy. If you spot him, please call his mommy, Jennifer Griek, at 203-610-7560.

In Newtown, another orange kitty (pictured above) is missing since Saturday night (June 30)near Main Steet, Currituck and Hanover Roads. His name is Liam and he is also an indoor cat that slipped out of his house. If you see him, please click here to contact his owner.

In New Milford, a brown and white siamese beauty named Annabelle (pictured above) has been missing since yesterday (July 5) near Old Town Park Road. If you see her, please call 860-488-2648.

Let's get these kitties home! =^..^=

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