It's no secret that Danbury, CT is a very diverse city. Every year we make some national list for the most diverse cities in America and if you search #Danbury on Twitter, that is exactly what you will see.

I did that recently because I'd run out of things I cared about "on the web" and found these recent Tweets.


R Media is a well known Danbury visual production team that is always into something new and they posted the above tweet on November 15.


Newly elected Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito tweeted out a picture of his first day in office on December 1. I didn't even know he had Twitter, I was just about to text him recently and tell him this social media thing is no fad so he might want to jump onboard but then he surprised me by having and using a Twitter account.


The above Tweet is my favorite of all the #Danbury posts I saw. Someone with the user name @Granye-West posted this pic of a pizza that didn't quite make the cut. You had one job! Holy hell, you can't cut a pizza that bad unless your eyes are closed and you have paper cuts on 9 of your ten fingers.


Former Danbury Mayor Boughton was back at it on Twitter forecasting snowfall on November 28th. That is a sign of intense boredom right there. When you are posting about the potential of precipitation you've officially watched every video on Tik-Tok and are out things to do.

David Arconti is a CT State Rep for Danbury and apparently back in June, Danbury High School gave him a badass Hatters football helmet to display in his office. All due respect to Mr. Arconti but my Danbury approval numbers dwarf his. One of these amazing helmets would be very appreciated for the I-95 studio and they'd actually get seen on our social media live videos daily.

Back in May @Portuguese Chef posted a pic of this delicious looking Pastel De Nata which is a Portuguese pastry. The chef posted the pic with the caption "Best in Danbury" and now it's my life's mission to find them and try them.

John Roche posted this beautiful Autumn photo from his backyard in Danbury.

@Bobby Vee shouted out the successful and controversial documentary "Untold" in September. The wildly popular sports doc "Crime and Penalties" told the story of the Danbury Trashers and the Galante family.

Back in late October Danbury resident Glover Teixeira became the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world and shared his victory with the Hat City.

On October 20, Drew Lyons posted his flight into Danbury airport.

In early November Fernely Feliz Jr. made his pro boxing debut announcement.

Tara O'Neil posted this one in September about Drake rocking a Danbury Trashers jersey. That was the moment we knew for sure the Danbury Trashers documentary was a huge deal and was resonating with people far beyond Danbury.

Then there was the moment when CT Governor Ned Lamont came to Danbury to support Mayoral candidate Roberto Alves on Election Day. Alves did not end up winning but the race could not have been closer with just over 100 votes separating Dean Esposito from Roberto Alves.

Danbury Bennigan's Building Gets Torn Down

Bennigan's Restaurant has been closed for many years in Danbury, Connecticut but the building has remained empty. Hat City residents have had to stare at the eyesore for far too long in a prominent location at 106 Federal Road. Today, (3/23/21) the building was taken down and I-95 was there to witness it and captures these exclusive images.

Examine One of Danbury's Most Disorganized + Dangerous Turns

Nothing to see here just an impossible turn, setup in a nonsensical fashion that leads to chaos and confusion behind the wheel in the Hat City. Danbury residents are infamous for their complaints about our roadways because there is plenty to complain about. I'd like to add to that long and distinguished list by pointing out a disastrous turn Downtown. Let us examine one of Danbury's Most Disorganized + Dangerous turns.

5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen Before

We all know that selecting a movie for a group of people is not easy and that is how you found yourself here, asking advice from an angry radio personality. On paper, I’m not fit to make decisions for myself, let alone an entire group of strangers. But, you are in the right place because to quote Dwight Schrute “I know everything about film, I’ve seen over 240 of them.”

You’ve found yourself at a common roadblock, one or more of your family members have decided they want to watch a movie they’ve never seen before. You suggested “Elf” and someone said, “not again”, you said we can watch “Home Alone” and someone groaned “nooooo.”

What Christmas movie can you watch that you’ve never seen before? These are 5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen. 

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