First off, let me apologize to my fellow Yankee fans for this picture. It's a harsh memory. I searched for a Yanks v. Sox fight photo that I can use legally and this was all that was available. Sad but true. A-Rod is an athlete, he needs to know better man. Low man wins.

I digress, the Yankees need to gain some ground. The Bombers are 4 games behind Boston in the AL East. The three games series starts tonight and if we sweep, we are only a game out. It's time for these young guys to show some fight. It's time for Joe Girardi to call Jorge Posada, get him in the locker room and give a speech. Georgie can get them hyped.

I am past the fact that the Yankees have surpassed our preseason expectations. They should get past it too. Go out there, light up the scoreboard and get in a fist fight please! Go Yanks.

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