How can kids get together and play with one another if they need to stay at home during the pandemic?

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Yale University computer science students working together, invented an app that allows two kids to play with a small toy robot while each kid stays in their respective homes. Nathan Tsoi, a doctoral student in the computer science program at Yale, told Hearst Media Connecticut,

It started with an idea to help students connect during social distancing but still have a physical presence while they're doing this, kind of the in-person play without being in person.

Tsoi went on to say that to make the toy work so the kids can play remotely, they needed to design a unique "user interface." The small toy robot named Vector was intended for children five years to 12-years-old. Hey Bradley, say "hi" to Vector.

My 6-year-old grandson would love this toy. Bradley is outgoing and incredibly social and has just about had it with not being able to play with his friends during what he calls, 'the bad virus.'

The mobile app, VectorConnect allows a kid in one home to take control and "become" the robot in another kid's home. It's not the perfect interactive scenario, but at least the two friends can engage remotely. The app is available for download in the Apple Store or Google Play.

The toy robot, Vector, sells for $250, but Connecticut residents can score one for free while supplies last by clicking,


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