According to the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, the California governor has announced he will be mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for children in public and private schools, but only after the FDA gives its full approval.

The $47,000 question making the rounds throughout Connecticut is, "Could CT be the next state to mandate the vaccine for all kids?" When a NEWS 12 reporter asked Governor Lamont the question, he replied,

Let's wait to see what the CDC and the FDA says. We're not going to do anything unless we can do it safely. But assuming we're able to do it, we're prepared. We can roll that out on a voluntary basis and keep our kids safe and our schools open.


Is Lamont thinking about mandating the vaccine in Connecticut? Unfortunately, according to the video, the answer is no for the moment, but keep in mind that 70% of children from 12 to 18 are vaccinated, keeping the Coronavirus at bay, as evidenced by the 1.87 percent positivity rate.

In California, Governor Newsome said that if students don't follow the mandate to become vaccinated and don't have a medical or personal belief exemption - they would have to be home-schooled.

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I would welcome a one-on-one with someone who refuses to get the vaccine, so I'm able to understand why that is. But, right now, my thinking on this subject is why an individual would purposely not get the vaccine knowing there is a possibility of getting sick enough where hospitalization is necessary.

Why would they place their family and other loved ones at risk because they refused to be vaccinated for whatever reason? I don't understand it at all, and yes, I am 100% in favor of a vaccine mandate for all school children.

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