There is a group of mental health professionals who adamantly believe that President Donald Trump is mentally ill.

According to, former professor of psychiatry at John Hopkins University, John Gartner is the founding member of a group of mental health professionals called Duty to Warn, which is an organization that believes Donald Trump is mentally ill-equipped to be the President of the United States.

Duty to Warn gathered for their first conference on Thursday, April 20 at Yale's Sterling Hall of Medicine and it turns out there are many who find this group and their actions, highly inappropriate. That not only includes Trump supporters but also many in the medical field.

Many mental health professionals feel that the group, Duty to Warn, is breaking the American Psychiatric Association's "Goldwater rule, which states that psychiatrists will not give professional opinions about individuals they have not personally examined. With that said, clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie Futrell told,

"Narcissism impairs his ability to see reality, which means you can't use logic to persuade someone like that. Three million women marching? Doesn't move him. Advisors point out that a policy decision didn't work. He won't care."

Despite the incredible push-back from Trump supporters and even members of the mental health community, the group, Duty to Warn remains focused on their mission to convince as many people as possible that Trump is a potential hazard to the American people.

Where do you stand? Is President Donald Trump mentally ill? Will he eventually be a danger to the American people or are these allegations all just a bunch of hogwash?Please feel free to comment.

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