Here we go again, Yale-New Haven Hospital has shut down visitation privileges due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, according to an article on the WFSB-TV website.

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Imagine not being able to hold your grandma's hand or talk with her as she lies in a hospital bed. So why is that? Some say the coronavirus is just a hoax, and some say their rights are being violated by being told to wear a mask and not gather in groups. Some say, "if you wore your damn mask and followed the CDC guidelines, maybe, just maybe, your grandma wouldn't be lying in a lonely hospital bed where no one is allowed to visit."

Some exceptions can be made for maternity patients, children who are patients, patients with disabilities, and patients from whom end-of-life is imminent.  Visitors who are sick will not be allowed to enter the hospital, no exceptions.

Danbury Hospital - Hannah Colt
Danbury Hospital - Hannah Colt

What about the visitation policy at Danbury Hospital? Visitors will be allowed to visit patients that meet specific conditions. They must be 18 and older and arrive wearing a medical face mask, which means NO bandanas or scarves. There are several guidelines and requirements before you're able to visit a patient at Danbury Hospital and you can read them all at,

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