It was a party-like atmosphere as Yale-New Haven Hospital discharged its 1,500th recovered COVID patient.

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Hospital staff members spilled out onto the sidewalk to celebrate the release and recovery of COVID-19 patient, Charles Moore. According to, it was a problematic 10-day long journey for Moore inside the walls of Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Moore told WFSB-TV that his 10-day stay was challenging and made him miserable, especially those first three days. Most of the time, he felt tired, weak, and often sick to his stomach. The good news is he has fully recovered after not seeing family members for two long weeks.

There's just been some breaking news according to a recent article on; the Food and Drug Administration has officially authorized a new therapy using blood from recovered coronavirus patients. It's called convalescent plasma, which is a passive immunity that offers patient antibodies that the immune system can then use to fight off the virus.


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