There's the undeniable privilege of the concept of "Freedom of Speech." I think though that we all must think before we speak, and weigh our words carefully. A Dean at a prestigious university located in Connecticut is feeling some serious backlash from what she said, or more accurately wrote.

Even though the concept behind the online review sensation Yelp is real reviews by real people, using hurtful words isn't the brightest thing to do.

According to a Yale dean who's created quite a stir for her Yelp reviews is being suspended. University leaders announced that a dean at Pierson College, the largest residential college at Yale University in New Haven, has been placed on leave.

The dean in question, June Chu is being called out for what she wrote on Yelp about a local movie theater and a local steakhouse.

The story, as reported by Yale Daily News says that Chu used her personal account to post some not at all wisely worded reviews on Yelp about some local establishments. The made screenshots of the reviews available.

All I can say about some of her remarks is - wow. The issue is, I'm sure, a sticky one for Chu's employer. On the one hand, it is her personal Yelp account, and she should be able to write anything she wants. But she did put herself at risk of being found out. Chu told

I am concerned about the shadow that my actions have thrown on my efforts to create an environment in Pierson that respects everyone, and I am especially concerned that it could prevent anyone from coming to me for the support that I offer to all Pierson students. I see that I now have work to do to repair the trust you have all shown me

There's "Freedom of Speech" and then there's being smart about what public platform you use to express yourself. Tough lesson for Dean Chu to learn.



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