One woman learns the tough lesson about how words can hurt.

Back in May I wrote about the harsh words of Yale Dean June Chu.

Seems that words do have a huge impact. In a story from, Dean June Chu of Yale University's residential college, Pierson College, is stepping down over some very dicey Yelp reviews.

While the Yelp account was her private account, did release screenshots of her apparently offensive wording in a few specific reviews. They eventually made the rounds and caused quite an uproar.

Chu did apologize and expressed her regret, but still was placed on leave over the posts last month.

It's no surprise that companies, organizations, and certainly schools, are all very sensitive to how people interact with one another. "Sensitivity" training has become a very real and commonplace thing. Even though Dean Chu's comments were done through her private account, it's no surprise to me that once her insensitive wording got out there, it was going to catch people's attention. Honestly, how could she think that she could hold the respect of the students from all walks of life once the cat was out of the bag?

Free speech is one thing, stupidity is another.

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