Here's the $38,000 question, could you live in a 200 square foot tiny house?

You say you're unable to come up with the scratch for a way over-the-top 10,835 sq. foot $6 million dollar mega-mansion in Weston that I just wrote about here on Here's some food for thought, how about a complete about-face?

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I'm talking about a housing trend that's been labeled "The Tiny House Movement." For example, the typical American home is 2,600 square feet whereas the typical tiny house is 100 to 400 square feet. Now that my friend is downsizing at its finest! This tiny house in Weston that I found out about on measures 176 square feet and is selling for $38,000. from

If you're married and the kids are out of the house and you and the Mrs. have been thinking about downsizing, think about this, do you actually still like one another? In a tiny house, there's nowhere to run and no place to hide. Before you make the decision to try tiny house living, do your research and watch this video.

My wife, Mindy and I have been kickin' around the concept of tiny house living. We've been married almost 43 years and believe it or not, we actually still like each other, most of the time. C'mon, how much space do you really need anyway. This cute little tiny cedar home in Trumbull weighing in at 144 square feet is yours for a measly $38,000.

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