The palatial mansion in Weston that Ol' Blue Eyes used to call home is up for sale for $5,995,000.

From the real estate site Zillow comes word that the breathtaking Georgian style neo-classical manor home in Weston named October Hill is back on the market.

Depending on which article you choose to read around the internet, Frank Sinatra either purchased or rented this stunning 10-acre estate during his two-year marriage to his third wife, Mia Farrow, which lasted from July of '66 until August of '68. The home was built in 1963 by a post-World War II industrialist.

This 19 room estate literally has everything and more, including a ballroom, a nostalgic "Old Hollywood" movie theater and a billiards lounge -- and that's just for starters.

Honestly, a home that could comfortably accommodate an extended family of 20 is a bit too priggish for me. Plus, let me remind you that I'm 68 years old, so I'd get lost looking for one of the 10 bathrooms. Whadd'ya say we crunch some numbers for all you hedge fund managers:

  • Selling Price - $5,995,000
  • Down Payment - $1,199, 000
  • Loan Amount - $4,796,000
  • Mortgage (30 year fixed at 4.25%)
  • Property Tax - $10,291/month
  • Mortgage Insurance - $94/month
  • Utilities Estimate - $906/month
  • Closing Costs - $7,291
  • Approximate Mortgage Payment - $34,884/month

I'll take it as soon as my son Ethan James works his way up to Ed Sheeran status. Let's take a closer look at this palace:

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