According to Variety magazine Woody Harrelson is apparently the top choice to play Han Solo's mentor in the scheduled Han Solo Star Wars spin off film. The movie is supposed to hit theaters in May of 2018.

A little simple math tells you that if they make a new Star Wars movie every 10 months we are destined to run out of actors to play these roles. At the very least we will run out of good ones. I mean I have nothing against Woody. I am actually a big fan but I don't know about this. I'm not in love with the idea of very recognizable faces in Star Wars movies. These films are supposed to break young actors careers. You don't just throw an Ocean's 11 type super cast in these stories. It looks weird.

What's next? Steve Guttenberg? Maybe William Baldwin or Neve Campbell in a Star Wards movie. Maybe Jan Hammer can do the score? You could cast Michael Strahan and fly the Millenium Falcon through his teeth. Let's get our act together people, Star Wars is sacred.

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