I almost drove my car into the back of another car on Main Street in Danbury the other day.

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Let's back up, I learned that there is a shade of women's clothing that they call "nude." It's like flesh colors, light browns, browns, dark browns, whatever. I think if I understand the concept, "nude" shirts or shorts are any shirts or shorts that match your skin color.

So we have this "nude" clothing available for purchase and you couple that with "Bare" season. No, not bear, B-E-A-R, but bare. According to DNUYZ, bare season is in full effect this summer (2021).

DNUYZ recently wrote an article about it and it essentially says this, people are barely wearing clothes this summer. They even recounted a story of a woman who spotted another woman in Manhattan wearing "low slung jeans" and a bra. They make clear in the article it was not a sports bra. The piece also goes onto say "Bralettes, itty-bitty bandeaus and crocheted bikinis are everywhere."

It's not just me, people are walking around half naked and wearing colors, tones and shades that make them appear to be fully nude in some cases.

So, I'm driving down Main Street the other day and I see an attractive woman who appeared to be naked from the waste down. It got my attention, I stared too long and nearly ended up rear ending the car in front of me. Upon further review, she was wearing shorts but her shorts just happened to match her skin perfectly.

Be careful out in the streets folks, naked people are a safety hazard to us all.

Here is the Amazon link to the nude shorts in the featured image.

I know this sounded like the Seinfeld episode with Sue Ellen Mishki, but what I just told you is a true story. It was life imitating art in a pleasant and terrifying way.

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