Earlier in the week, I told you that the Danbury area was expecting a dusting to an inch of snow this weekend, well, scratch that.

NOW you can panic and go out and buy five gallons of milk and a dozen loaves of bread. Both northern and southern Fairfield County are expecting some significant snow this weekend, but it all depends on which weather forecast you're looking at.


Ctweather.com has issued a Winter Weather Advisory beginning at 6am on Saturday morning(12/9) while predicting between 2 to 4 inches of snow during the day and maybe another inch or two before it's all over tomorrow night. Weather.gov is pretty much on the same page.  Accuweather.com tells us that 3 to 5 inches will fall mainly in southern Fairfield County.

The majority of the snow will fall from Saturday morning to Saturday evening. In their Winter Weather Advisory, weather.gov. tells us that:

Most of the snow will fall in portions of southern Fairfield County and southeast New York.

Jochen Sand

If you suck at driving in slippery conditions, please do yourself and all of us a favor and stay home. Good luck to all and Godspeed.

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