According to the NY Post, the Marijuana Business Factbook from MJBizDaily projects the marijuana industry passing the NFL in annual revenue by 2020. Cannabis sales figures have already surpassed the revenue of Goldfish crackers, The Fortnite video and e-cigarettes combined.

I'm sure the fine folks at the Marijuana Business Factbook do a fine job with their research but if they think that the NFL is going to let any industry pass them in revenue they just don't account for what a devious, ruthless organization the NFL is.

Roger Goodell and his owner pals will be rolling joints for fans at games before they ever let someone beat them. They will start their own weed farms and have players work during the summer to harvest the crop.

Get real weed industry, the NFL has always shown it will do whatever it needs to to be the top dog in entertainment dollars. They are already in the gambling business without anyone noticing. What is to stop them from being in the wacky weed business?

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