Jon Gruden is now officially back with the Oakland Raiders. Make no mistake the smile is because of the 100 million dollars he will be making over the next ten years. I, as a Raider fan have the same smile knowing Gruden is back. It's all hope and positive thoughts right now.

Will that last? Will this work? I'm the last person you should ask. The fan boy in me has taken the wheel and all I can see is Super Bowl rings and an NFL dominated by the Silver and Black.

What are the challenges:

There are already rumors that Derek Carr and Gruden won't get along. I don't know why they are both perfect humans. SEE WHAT I MEAN? Clouded judgement.

Aside from Khalil Mack, the Raiders defense is a train wreck.

The culture, aside from last year has been a losing one since Gruden left. There were some great moments, some glimmers of hope but there was never any expectation of greatness. There was NO "Commitment to Excellence."

Coaches coming back after a long absence from the NFL has not worked out great. The game changes drastically ever year and Jon Gruden has been away for like a decade.

So, help. Be objective, tell me the truth. Will this work?

P.S. His hair is still a disaster but man I love this guy. The scowl is back and he looks great in Silver and Black.


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