Connecticut can be a dangerous place, everyone is out to grab every last dollar in your pocket, people are jacking all of our catalytic converters and the highways are a disaster.

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When you think of CT dangers its not often that the wildlife jumps to mind but we do have some animals that should make you take caution. To compile the list of CT's 5 Most Dangerous Animals, I consulted with the I-95 Morning Show Wildlife Correspondent Jen "The Zookeeper" Kotkin.

Wildlife Expert Shares Connecticut's Top 5 Most Dangerous Animals

To come up with the 5 Most Dangerous animals in Connecticut I consulted with an expert. Her name is Jen "The Zookeeper" Kotkin and she immediately took issue with the phrasing "the most dangerous." I mean she knew what I was angling for but made clear to me that these animals are only dangerous when approached, protecting their cubs and food, etc. She told me: "wild animals aren’t out there looking to start fights, and take the flight versus fight route whenever possible." 

Without further adieu...Cue the scary music....These are CT's 5 Most Dangerous Animals

I was really hoping she would say man so I could attach a picture of Andy Dick and we'd all have a laugh.

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P.S. Jen had so much more to say, she even wanted to change one of her answers which is unacceptable, writing:

"I kind of want to change my black bear answer to coyote. Coyotes cause more trouble and attack dogs more often than bears do. And they are dangerous because one single coyote will lure a Dog away to an area where the entire rest of the pack of coyotes are waiting to attack it."

A coyote in British Columbia, Canada.
Harry Collins

We'll call the Coyote an honorable mention and we can add bobcat to that list as well. She offered bobcats as a more dramatic option than the rat but I like the rat thing.

More on Jen "The Zookeeper" Kotkin:

Jen has been immersed in the conservation & science education field for over 30 years. While working as Director of Animal Care for The New Canaan Nature Center in Connecticut, she was responsible for the care of native wildlife and birds of prey, while teaching the public about the roles of these wild neighbors. While with the Bronx Zoo and Los Angeles Zoo, Jen’s main priority was the care of exotic hoofstock, again while teaching the public about the delicate balance of humans & habitats. While working with a wildlife sanctuary in Half Moon Bay, CA, Jen played a major role in the wildlife training and handling of some 50 exotic species. Her major focus was creating curriculum for a variety of programs including at-risk and foster youth programming. These programs encompassed helping fragile children gain a sense of trust and worth while developing a healing relationship with the non releasable wildlife at the sanctuary. Currently, Jen is the owner and sole proprietor of Jen Kotkin Pet Care, providing pet care as well as mental and physical exercise & stimulation for dogs, cats, horses, birds and more.

Jen the Zookeeper
Jen the Zookeeper

Jen continues to create a variety of programs catered to the needs of many organizations. Her passion for teaching about the natural world to those around her is important, and hopes to ignite this spark for others, just as it did for her!

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