Welcome to Connecticut, the city that sleeps next to the city that never sleeps. You want to know why brick and mortar retailers are finding it tough to compete with online retailers? Because I can shop for anything I want at 4 AM.

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What is Connecticut's identity? We're the Nutmeg state, although I couldn't identify one right in front of me. We're the Constitution State, ok, that's something to be proud of. We're home to numerous cities that have anything you want at any time, how about that? We're not New York City, we're not Boston, but we have the best of each. What makes New York and Boston Top 10 cities in the United States? They don't shut down.

Could you imagine if Connecticut went 24/7? I love grocery shopping at midnight, when the partiers are still out getting housed, and the rest of the world is already in bed. Imagine if your doctors office could fit you in tonight, if you can be there by 3:15 AM? Imagine if you could go see the 8 AM showing of Barbie at Bank Street Theater in New Milford? Or pick up your prescriptions at Rite Aid at 9 PM on a weeknight?

I am really getting sick of having to conform to the 9-5 lifestyle that Connecticut presents to us. There are many insomniacs among us, who would love the opportunity to get something productive done at 2:45AM, yet BJ's and Costco have been closed for 6 hours.

Here's my last point, how about a coffee shop that is open at 11PM?

That could be Connecticut's identity, sick of the crush of 11 million people? We have almost 3, and we never sleep either.

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