We're in the middle of a historic time period for humanity.

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It appears, we are on the cusp of getting the truth about Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or we're about to have an unprecedented lie laid at our feet. No matter which you believe, the sky is the best show in town right now. I spend as much time looking up as I can but since I can't do that all day I really appreciate when people share their observations.

On Friday, I got a text from my friend Matt who said, his friend Kyle had something I needed to see, a UFO photo. Matt told me he thought the picture was taken in Monroe but it ended up being New Haven so not even close. Matt put me in touch with Kyle and I got the pictures.

Kyle Convertito
Kyle Convertito

Here is what I know about Kyle Convertito:

  • He's friends with Matt so he definitely has a sense of humor.
  • He lives in Hamden.
  • He's originally from Shelton.
  • He works in New Haven.
  • He's able to provide details if you ask.

I know that because I asked for him to share some details about the photos, the basic framework of what he experienced and this is what I got:

"On Thursday night August 10 around 8:45 PM I was gonna punch out for my job at Public Works New Haven.

As I normally do, I go out the rear of the central office I’ll go start my car and punch out.  But as I walk down the back steps, I looked up where I noticed this object it was dark out already, but I saw this object over the train tracks that run under the I-91 bridge.  
It was moving quickly and I thought oh let me pull my camera and see if I could record it, especially with all the news that’s been going on lately. So I pull up my camera try to record a video but I don’t know what my phone was set to and when I hit it it just took these two photos which are actually pretty remarkable I think.  Unfortunately, I really don’t know what setting it was I think it was portrait mode
The first thing I noticed about it, it was lit up, but I’m trying to remember what color was it.  It was moving rather quickly and it was definitely not a flight pattern that would normally be around where I was located because the tweed airport in the cove of New Haven where planes often pass over my central office, would be in a conflicting direction.  
It was moving rather quickly and the size of it and how close it looked. Definitely looked too big to be a drone and too small to be a commercial passenger plane.  As you can see in the photo, it looks like something out of Star Trek the way it’s stacked or staggered and its structure.  
And me personally, I’ve never experienced anything like that before, although I think it would be silly to think we were the only creatures outside of this planet to exist. I was alone, so nobody was able to share the phenomenon with, but I thought of my buddy Joe, who originally sent the photo to cause I know he would dig it
The one thing I would say, is the train co. does use drones over the train tracks to monitor or investigate areas of track.  But it really was like there for a minute and it was gone and it definitely didn’t seem like it followed the train track direction."
Kyle Convertito
Kyle Convertito

I don't know what we're looking at with these photos but they could be another amazing piece of evidence suggesting humanity isn't the end all, be all. I'm done trying to explain to people how important this time period is, and what it should mean to all of us.

I officially gave up trying to convert people after the David Grusch testimony. Here you have a former high ranking government official blowing the whistle on UAP technology and alien bodies ON Earth and everyone basically ignored it. An admission that we have alien corpses was back page news and people went back to arguing about Bud Light and the Barbie movie.

I can't hang with you, if you can hear we have dead aliens and you go back to "doing you."

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