According to ESPN Tim Tebow will probably be spending the rest of his minor league year sidelined with a broken bone in his right hand. Tebow has spent the last few years playing minor league baseball for the NY Mets, there were even rumors the Mets would bring him up to "The Bigs" at the end of the year cause why the hell not?

I've always been a Tim Tebow supporter and for the life of me I don't get why people root against the guy. Sure, we don't know him personally and even if you did, you never really know someone. The guys public image however is impeccable and what is wrong with that?

I know there are always going to be anti-religion people who make fun of people who have intense religious beliefs but it seems like more than that. I think people hate the guy, he's constantly the butt of jokes. I know his baseball career is probably going nowhere but I have been rooting for him the whole way.

I also think he never got a fair shake in the NFL. The way he throws the ball is unconventional, he's a lefty and generally is not a prototypical NFL Quarterback, I get it. You know what he does have that many, working, NFL quarterbacks do not? HE HAS A PLAYOFF WIN!

He went head to head with the Steelers and "Big Ben" and won, then like everyone else he lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots. So what's wrong with rooting for the good guy? Why don't people WANT Tim Tebow to succeed?

There are plenty of bad guys in sports. Guys who act like clowns, guys who have talent but don't work hard and guys who are straight up criminals. I'm a proud Tim Tebow fan and while I don't think he will be a pro baseball player, I'd love to see him pull it off.

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