Even though I'm in my mid-60s, as soon as I read the headline about renting a chick for Easter, I needed to know the intricate details.

This story comes out of central Florida (Florida you say?!) from NewsChannel 8, WFLA.com, that renting a chick just in time for Easter is an option for you single guys. Hold on, wait just a second, someone's sending me a text message saying:

You dirty old man, it's not that kind of a chick!

I think, "dirty old man" is a bit harsh. Apparently, I was either confused or I misunderstood the headline, but the kind of "chick" they were referring to is an actual baby chicken from a hatchery, which means these chicks don't have a mama, so they enjoy bonding with humans. Whoever heard of such a thing?

Florida seems like a faraway place to travel to rent a cute little chick that your cat is most likely to eat for breakfast as soon as you're not paying attention, so I did my research looking for a Connecticut location where you can do the same, but came up empty handed.

BUT, I did find a website called CT Rent-A-Hen. The drawback there is hens, of course, aren't nearly as cute and cuddly as a furry little chicken. BUT, how about renting an egg-laying hen because there is nothing like just laid farm fresh eggs from an experienced hen. They provide the coop, three egg laying hens, and the water and feed container. No muss, no fuss, but then there's the chicken poop you have to clean up which is the worst!


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