It remains the biggest question in classic rock. Who will take Glenn Frey's place in the Eagles?

On July 29th at Citi Field in New York the Eagles will play their first full concert as a band since the January 18, 2016 death of Frey. Although the band played "Take It Easy" with Jackson Browne at the Grammys the following month, Don Henley made it public soon after that the Eagles were no more. He felt there was no way they could continue without their fallen band mate.

The following September, however, Henley started to warm up to the idea of continuing the Eagles and even talked about the possibility of bringing Frey's son Deacon into the band.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Eagles have announced they will be part of the Classic East concerts in July. Since then fans have been wondering who will fill Frey's place. So far there has been no official lineup announcement by the band so until then we can only speculate that it will be either Jackson Browne or Deacon Frey since those two are the most highly rumored replacements.

Here's a brief rundown of what each can bring to the Eagles if they join.

JACKSON BROWNE: Browne has a huge Eagles connection both musically and personally. He was close friends with Frey and the band dating all the way back to the very early days and wrote the band's huge hit "Take It Easy". The Eagles can also take advantage of Browne's stellar solo career and add some Jackson Browne classics like "Doctor My Eyes", "Running On Empty" and one of my favorites "Boulevard" to the set list. It could make for a very interesting and unforgettable night of live classic rock.

DEACON FREY: At 22 years old Deacon Frey clearly lacks the experience of Jackson Browne but, on the other hand, can add a youthful energy to the lineup. As far as Deacon's abilities, let's face it, if Don Henley feels Deacon's good enough to play with the band you know he's got some serous talent. There's also the emotional aspect of Deacon's presence. Seeing the son of the legendary Glenn Frey onstage will provide some goose-bump moments for sure.

So Eagles fans what do you think? If you had to choose one guy to join the band who would it be? Vote now!

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