Dave Gettleman has made one odd choice after another, produced no results and is still the teams General Manager. Woody Johnson is the ambassador of the United Kingdom and doesn't seem all that interested in the NY Jets so he turned it over to his brother and all he's done is fire Todd Bowles and replace him with Adam Gase.

Gase has won a total of 7 games since he took over, he's still the head coach and we're told an "offensive genius." Jim Dolan has treated fans, media and alumni like they are beneath him and has made the "Mecca" of the basketball universe a place no free agent would choose to go.

The NY Giants are 0-5. The NY Jets are 0-5 and the NY Knicks have won one playoff series in 20 years. These guys are able to continually impact the NY sports landscape and it seems there is nothing anyone can do about it. It's the final four, the worst of the worst, who is the worst non-player working in professional sports in New York?


P.S. I wanted to include the New York Mets and the Wilpon's but thankfully for Mets fans that reign of terror is over with Billionaire Steve Cohen's purchase nearly done. All that is left is to get league approval from the other owners.

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