My wife brought this home and answered the age old question "who the hell buys mild cheddar cheese?" She does, she buys it. You have to be a nut job. I tasted it because I had never had it before and it tastes how you imagine. It tastes like rubber with a hint of cheese and a side of what's the deal here?

I feel like Happy Farms and anyone else who makes Mild Cheddar does it for laughs. They know that you only buy it by accident. They know it ruins your day and yet they manufacture it on a very large scale.

Do better Mild Cheddar. Be more like sharp cheddar. Sharp Cheddar is awesome and you are terrible. I love cheese man. I have a little party inside my head when I am opening/about to eat cheese. So my party was going on when I opened this package, then I looked closer and realized my party was about to be downgraded to a MILD one. Lame-O city.

That's it, I am taking over the shopping. My family will be knee deep in Sharp Cheddar cheese and Twizzlers.

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