The website Thrillist just released a list of the most underrated cities in all 50 states. Which CT city took the honors, according to them?

Drumroll, please.... according to Thrillist, Hamden takes the crown for CT's most underrated city. The website gave the town props for combining its proximity to New Haven with a rural charm.

Thrillist noted Hamden's pizza, music scene and New England architecture as part of its urban appeal, but also acknowledged the town's many trails, rivers and the Sleeping Giant State Park, which is temporarily closed due to massive storm damage.

Special note was given to the beautiful grounds of Quinnipiac University.

Of course, they couldn't help but reinforce the Connecticut stereotype of

Yale students rowing a quick mile before genteelly sipping bourbon cocktails at an a cappella concert.

Yeah, that's all of us! Either way, congratulations to Hamden. Next time I'm heading to Yale, wearing my deck shoes, to sip a $55 Old Fashioned with the Skull & Bones guys, I'll be sure to stop in and admire your underratedness.

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