It's crazy to even think about, but it 2017 is quickly coming to a close.

Now that we're into the holiday season and heading into 2018 a lot of social media sites are conducting lists of their most popular posts throughout the year. I'm sure you'll even see some on our website.

Instagram recently has released data on the most liked picture of 2017. Naturally it's Beyonce's baby announcement. The most popular IG account? Surprisingly belongs to, Selena Gomez.

BuzzFeed created their own list of the most popular Instagramed location in each state. Times Square, obviously, is the most popular filtered photo op in New York City, while Fenway Park tops the list for Massachusetts.

So where is the most popular spot for locals and tourist alike to snap a picture in Connecticut?  You can do just about anything there, see a show, enjoy a meal and gamble your money away.

According to BuzzFeed, Mohegan Sun is the top spot to snap a photo in Connecticut. Personally, I know I have a few favorite photos taken at the casino, as well as in front of that awesome glass sculpture.

Have you thrown up a Mohegan Sun picture on the Gram? Lets see it! Share with us your best Mohegan Sun picture in our comment section on Facebook.


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