Every state has its problems, but in Connecticut, problems take steroids.

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In the Nutmeg State, we have to contend with cold weather, ridiculous taxes, a crumbling transportation infrastructure, entitled youth, and Land's End sweaters. If that isn't enough, we still have to battle national and international issues like COVID-19 and record gas prices, NOW THIS!!!

Just when I thought things could not get worse in the Constitution State, I read about jumping worms. These wiggle monsters are a big problem right now throughout the state.

According to a Jun 13 published report from NBC Connecticut, the worms "damage the root systems of shallow-rooted plants.” Dr. Gale E. Ridge of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station described the worms as having a "milky white-collar and strong, rigid body."

So now you want to know, can they really jump? The answer is yes but the devil is in the details here. It's not that they can jump that makes this worm terrifying, it's how high they can jump. According to The Guardian, the Amynthas agrestis can jump a full foot (30cm) in the air. They are wiggly, slimy, disgusting beasts that can jump one foot in the air, and they are "voracious" according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The NBC report says if you see them, you should put them in soapy water. Wouldn't that be a form of murder? And what next? Are we supposed to bathe them and send them back into the world? Look, if you want me to kill a worm, just say it but don't pretend like we're not killing worms.

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