Check the calendar. Halloween arrives next Tuesday. Oh, who am I kidding, you totally know that. Have you stocked up yet? Maybe it's good that you waited. Here's why.

Before I dig into the specifics, let me tell you my neighborhood Trick or Treat story. I live in a condo complex where there is probably 2,000 people. The first year we lived there I bought about 10 bags of candy thinking we'd be swamped. Five kids showed up. Next year I bought three bags of candy and two kids showed up. Ever since then I've turned out the lights, and no candy, because I sure as hell don't need that temptation lying around the house!

But, if you already know that tons of kids Trick or Treat in your neighborhood, you're probably pretty well stocked up. But just in case, you need to know that says that now is the time to buy more.

In a story from their website, they say that a survey done by the shopping app revealed that not only have Americans, nationwide, spent an average of $16.45 per person on Halloween candy in the past two years, but according to the prnewswire webite, Ibotta also looked at the average price of candy in the past two years too.

What did they find? You need to buy candy today! The best deals are found four days before Halloween. 

Those of you who are lazy, or decide on Oct. 30 that you have to buy more. Forget about it. You know the old supply and demand theory. The survey found that overall candy prices ratchet up the day before Halloween.

I've lived in the same place now for 22 years, and I don't expect anyone ringing my doorbell on Oct. 31st. But just in case, I do actually have three bags this year. They were 3 for $8 when I shopped yesterday, and I had a $2 off coupon. I figured for 6 bucks I'd at least make my co-workers happy. You didn't think I was keeping it at my house did you?

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