Distracted driving is bad but some people take this game to a whole new level. I'll never forget it for as long as I live, I saw a woman shaving her legs while driving. To say she was likely distracted would be an understatement and seeing it distracted me. That was a dangerous day for sure.

I've see women do their makeup while driving like our friend in the featured photo above and I once saw a man reading. You see these things and they get burned in your brain and they should. Anytime I get into a lull on the road or start thinking I can trust the other drivers around me, I remind myself of the leg shaver. The only way to stay safe out there is to assume that everyone is shaving their legs while driving. That's some solid advice right there.

Oh, one more thing, to those of you who hang your fat nude foot out the window while driving, STOP IT. No one wants to see you hang your hoof out the window, put on your socks, shoes and sit up, you are not on your couch.

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